TEMi Outstanding Achievement Award

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TEMi Outstanding Achievement Award

Individual Award:

The TEMi Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates extraordinary individuals who have surpassed the standard expectations of their roles, delivering exceptional contributions to their organisations ability to attract, recruit, mobilise or retain talent on an international or domestic basis. Individuals may work in any area of the business (ie: Talent Acquisition, Talent Mobility, Finance, Payroll, Relocation, Taxation, Immigration).

This award invites leaders to nominate standout team members or external partners, welcoming candidates from all levels of experience for their innovation, impact, and spirit of collaboration.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Team leaders who would like to recognise one of their team members extraordinary contributions to their organisation and their mobile workforce management activities.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Exceptional Individual Contribution: Demonstrating outstanding personal effort that goes above and beyond typical job responsibilities.
  2. Significant Impact: Making a tangible, positive impact on stakeholders, processes, or the overall success of global mobility initiatives.
  3. Collaborative Teamwork: Demonstrating exemplary team collaboration, fostering inclusivity, and promoting a positive work culture.
  4. Innovation and Efficiency: Implementing new processes, tools, or approaches that significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness for their team or stakeholders.