Outstanding Achievement Award

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Outstanding Achievement Award

This award recognises the contribution of individuals who have gone above and beyond the everyday scope of their responsibilities, or those who have excelled in the execution of a particular task, initiative, or process. This award gives Global Mobility leaders the opportunity to seek formal recognition for their team members’ efforts. Leaders are encouraged to nominate people they’ve worked with, whether they’re employed within your organisation or engaged via an external vendor. Nominees can sit at any level of experience. 

Note: Depending on the quality of nominations received, judges may choose to recognise multiple individuals and achievements.

+ What judges will consider 

Our judges want to see evidence of achievements such as:

  • Providing exceptional service to all stakeholders
  • Producing high quality services under internal and external pressure
  • Continually demonstrating high levels of technical or operational excellence
  • Implementing a new process or tool, to create efficiencies for their team or other stakeholders
  • Boosting moral or creating a positive, inclusive and collaborative working environment
  • Accomplishing a singular note-worthy achievement

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on:

  • The individual who is being nominated for the award
  • The specific contribution which is being recognised
  • Why and how their contribution has had such an impact on stakeholders