New Horizons Talent Mobility Pioneer Award

Business Advancement Awards

New Horizons Talent Mobility Pioneer Award

Organisation / Individual Award:

This award celebrates individuals and organisations pioneering efforts in navigating the complexities of global talent acquisition and employee relocation to new markets.

The New Horizons Talent Mobility Pioneer Award recognises organisations that have over the past 2 years

  • begun hiring one or more individuals offshore, relocating them to work in the Australasia region; or
  • set up their business in a new international location and found it necessary to relocate one or more employees to the new location to support their business expansion activities.


Note:  This application could explore hiring staff from offshore, selecting a relocation vendor for the first time, obtaining visas for the first time, navigating the challenges of setting up an entity in a different country market, including the tax, payroll, employment issues associated with sending people to a new location for the first time.

Eligibility Requirements:

Over the past 2 years, initiated offshore hiring and relocated individuals to work in the Australasia region.

– Businesses that have established operations in a new international location and relocated employees to support expansion activities within the last 2 years.

– Entities that have, for the first time, had to select relocation vendors, obtain visas, address tax, payroll, and employment issues or other key activities associated with relocating staff to a new market.

Selection Criteria:

Demonstrated Impact and Growth Resulting from Small-Scale Mobility Efforts:

Illustrate the tangible outcomes and growth achieved by your organisation because you recruited individuals based outside of Australia or New Zealand or you sent one or more team members to an international location to support your organisations global expansion initiatives.  Highlight the value added to the business by leveraging talent mobility.

Effective Management of Small-Scale Talent Mobility Initiatives

Provide examples of how you or your organisation effectively managed the relocation of current or future employees, including but not limited to activities such as selecting relocation vendors, obtaining visas, addressing tax, payroll, and employment issues associated with relocating employees to new international markets.

Adaptability and Flexibility in Addressing Small-Scale Mobility Challenges:

Discuss your organisation’s ability to adapt and pivot in addressing challenges specific to small-scale talent mobility, demonstrating flexibility in overcoming obstacles and achieving successful outcomes in your international inbound or outbound relocation endeavours.

Successful Integration and Support for Relocated Employees:

Detail the support mechanisms and integration strategies your organisation implemented to ensure the successful transition and productivity of relocated employees.