Most Impactful Talent Mobility Transformation Award

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Most Impactful Talent Mobility Transformation Award

Organisation / Individual Award: 

This award recognises organisations and/or individuals who have  during the past 2 years, overhauled or changed their approach to managing employee relocations to  achieve significant impact to the business and/or significantly enhance the experience of stakeholders.

This could include implementing new working practices across HR, Talent Acquisition, International Hiring; Collaboration with internal stakeholders such as Finance, Tax, Insurance, Governance, Risk, Cyber Security, to enable your workforce to work compliantly in an alternate destination.

The initiative should have significantly changed the traditional way in which the organisation manages their international or domestic international talent acquisition, immigration, settling in or relocation program.

Eligibility Requirements:

– Organisations that have implemented significant changes or overhauled their approach in managing some or all aspects associated with employee relocations within the past 2 years.

– Individuals who have spearheaded transformative initiatives in managing international or domestic talent acquisition, immigration, settling in, or relocation programs, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, or stakeholder satisfaction over the past 2 years.

Selection Criteria

Addressing Critical Challenges: Applicants are invited to outline a significant challenge faced by their organisation and demonstrate how the adoption of new practices addressed this challenge. They should emphasise the measurable factors driving the evolution of these practices and the subsequent impact on various aspects such as employee expectations, work practices, organisational culture, productivity, compliance, competitive advantage, and stakeholder engagement.

Creating Value & Efficiencies: Applicants should present evidence of how their initiative generated tangible value and efficiencies within the organization, showcasing improved outcomes resulting from its implementation.

Customer Engagement: Applicants should depict how their initiative positively engaged customers or stakeholders, highlighting the methods used to foster meaningful interactions and relationships.

Operational Excellence: Applicants should explain how their initiative contributed to operational excellence within the organisation, emphasising enhancements in operational processes, organisational agility, risk management, and overall performance as a direct result of the initiative.

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