Mobile Workforce Technology Excellence Award

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Mobile Workforce Technology Excellence Award

Organisation Award:

The Mobile Workforce Technology Excellence Award recognises organisations that have successfully leveraged technology to mobilise their or an organisations Australasian workforce effectively and efficiently. This award celebrates innovative solutions that facilitate workforce mobility, remote work, business travel and collaboration, ensuring seamless transitions and optimal performance in a geographically dispersed work environment.

Note: The technology could have impacted one or more activities linked to all phases of the mobility lifecycle, eg: Selection, recruitment, onboarding, relocation /deployment; Finance & cost controls; Payroll; Compliance; Management and Reporting

Eligibility Requirements:

– Organisations that have, over the past 2 years, implemented technology solutions to effectively mobilise their Australasian workforce

– Businesses that have, over the past 2 years, leveraged technology to address challenges related to workforce mobility, remote work, business travel, and workplace/workforce collaboration.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Business Impact:  Clearly explain the challenges you faced to effectively manage your geographically dispersed team.  How significant an impact was this challenge to your organisation and why was the technology solution you implemented the preferred way to  address the challenge.
  2. Efficient Cross-border [local or international] Workforce Management: What technology solution did you implement to address the challenge mentioned above.   Show evidence as to how the technology solution significantly enhanced the way your organisation manages your geographically dispersed teams.
  3. Mobility Experience: Highlight the technology’s role in enhancing the overall mobility experience, ensuring better outcomes for mobile employees or key stakeholders.
  4. Enhanced Communication and Engagement: Demonstrate how the technology fosters communication and engagement among geographically dispersed teams, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and team cohesion in a distributed work environment.