GMP1® Graduate Excellence Award

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GMP1® Graduate Excellence Award

Individual Award:

This award recognises a Global Mobility Professional (GMP1)® graduate who demonstrated exceptional performance and scholastic achievement throughout the course. The GMP1®  graduate will have demonstrated a strong understanding of the topics learnt throughout the program, positive learning behaviours, and the ability to apply key learnings to real situations.

Note: This award is gifted by TEMi: Individual nominations are not required.

Eligibility requirements

Individuals who have successfully completed the Global Mobility Professional (GMP1)® training program over the past 12 months and are now GMP1® Certified

How the winner will be evaluated

A winner will be selected from eligible trainees based on:

  • Exceptional individual academic achievement in relation to key learning areas delivered within the GMP1® course; and
  • Exceptional individual performance in relation to the ability to apply key learnings, consistently demonstrate positive and productive learning behaviours and a disposition vital for ongoing success in their global mobility professional career.