Global Mobility Team of the Year

Leadership Excellence

Global Mobility Team of the Year

This award is for internal groups or teams that foster cooperation, collaboration and open communication; work together to successfully deliver operational excellence; and share their knowledge and add value in order to advance an organisation’s mobile workforce strategy.  Judges will consider team composition and dynamics, team performance and commitment to professional development and the strategies implemented to expand the teams area of influence within the organisation.

+ Eligibility requirements 

The team being nominated must meet the following criteria:

  • Team size is greater than two individuals
  • Team must have general responsibilities within the Asia-Pacific region (note: this does not mean full team must be located within region)
  • May be an established global mobility team, or a team who have come together to specifically execute on a global mobility project. 
  • Team may manage a mobile workforce population of any size, across any geography

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on how your team:

  • Achieves operational excellence and added value to the organisation, their team or our community in general
  • Builds sustainable and collaborative relationships
  • Shares their knowledge and expertise with key stakeholders, and 
  • Prioritises ongoing professional development