Team Excellence Award

Leadership Excellence

Team Excellence Award

Organisation Award:

The Team Excellence Award honours internal teams (which may comprise of members from various departments such as HR, Mobility, Finance, Payroll, Talent Acquisition, and Risk), collaborating seamlessly to advance the organisation’s mobile workforce strategies or customer service solution. This award celebrates teams’ collaborative spirit, innovative solutions, knowledge sharing, and impactful contributions across disciplines.

Eligibility Requirements:

– Internal teams (may be multi-disciplinary) within organisations who are working together to support their mobile workforce and/or client base on a specific project over the past 2 years.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Team Collaboration: Demonstrating effective collaboration and cooperation among team members , including if applicable, colleagues from different departments to achieve operational excellence and drive strategic objectives.
  2. Innovative Solutions and Adaptability: Implementing innovative strategies and adapting to changing business needs, industry trends, and workforce dynamics to enhance organisational performance.
  3. Knowledge Sharing and Professional Growth: Proactively sharing expertise, insights, and best practices across disciplines to foster continuous learning, professional development, and collective knowledge enhancement.
  4. Value Creation and Impact Across Disciplines: Delivering tangible value to the organisation through collaborative efforts, including measurable improvements in workforce strategies, operational efficiency, and overall business outcomes.

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