Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Management

Employee Engagement Awards

Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Management

This award recognises an organisation or individual that has demonstrated a strong committment to emergency prepareness and/or recovery from natural or man-made events that had a significant impact on mobile or remote employees, their families and/or the organisation.  An action, initiative, or specific response may be in response to a natural, social, political, geographical or personal event. Challenges addressed could include death of mobile employee, natural disasters, civil unrest, emergency evacuations, quarantine, border closures, stranded employees, health or security concerns.  Examples of programs would include: Disaster Response, Pandemic Planning, Incident Planning, Communication or Training programs.

+ Eligibility requirements 

  • The action or initiative will have played a key role in how the organisation addressed the emergency event
  • If the action or initiative was delivered for, or on behalf of, another organisation/s (ie. a service provider’s client or customer) then the application should be submitted in conjunction with one selected client/customer.

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on:

  • The emergency event that took place and the impact this had
  • The strategy used to respond to the emergency event
  • How the organisation collaborated with internal or external stakeholders in the development and/or implementation of the emergency response
  • How the organisation’s response to the emergency positively impacted mobility stakeholders within the organisation.