Best Mobile Workforce Wellbeing Initiative

Employee Engagement Awards

Best Mobile Workforce Wellbeing Initiative

This award recognises the organisation that has proactively prepared for and responded to challenges experienced by either physically mobile or virtual employees working in a rapidly changing global landscape, and the impact this has had on their wellbeing. Initiatives deployed or actions taken will be either in support of the broader organisational wellbeing strategy, or specific to globally mobile or virtual assignees. Judges want to know the challenge solved, how you collaborated with stakeholders, your implementation process and wellbeing outcomes (and how they were measured).

+ Eligibility requirements 

  • To qualify for this award the action or initiative will have played a key role in supporting the positive wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental or social) of the mobile workforce throughout the mobility lifecycle.
  • If the action or initiative was delivered for, or on behalf of, another organisation/s (ie. a service providers client or customer) then the application should be submitted in conjunction with one selected client/customer.

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on:

  • The action or initiative implemented and why it was needed
  • The change management process implemented
  • How the employee wellbeing, health or safety initiative supports the organisation, it’s people, their families or the community at large
  • The strategies used to measure the success of the action or initiative, now and in the future