Best Mobile Workforce Transformation

Business Advancement Awards

Best Mobile Workforce Transformation

This award recognises the organisation who has undergone a significant change, reform or transformation of employee mobility. The change, reform or transformation must have achieved successful outcomes, significantly impacted and/or resolved a significant business requirement.

+ What judges will consider 

  • The trigger for the transformation
  • The change management strategy used to effectively launch or embed the transformation requirements
  • The value delivered
  • The stakeholder impact (including but not limited to the business, employee population, mobility team and vendors)

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on:

  • The impact the transformation has had on the organisation and/or the identified gap/challenge which triggered the change
  • How the transformation achieved the transformation goal whilst delivering operational excellence for the organisation, it’s people or the community in which they serve
  • The value and efficiencies delivered by the transformation initiative
  • How the transformation has added significant value to stakeholder experience and engagement levels