Best Mobile Workforce Innovation

Business Advancement Awards

Best Mobile Workforce Innovation

This award recognises organisations and/or individuals who have implemented a new and innovative business solution with the aim of disrupting the traditional approach. Open to organisations and/or individuals, this award recognises the development and implementation of new and innovative business solutions. Nominate innovations that have disrupted and improved on traditional approaches to mobilising a global workforce. Winning innovations will have played a significant role transforming the user experience within the organisation or the industry.

+ What judges will consider 

  • The challenge the innovation aimed to solve
  • How the innovation has enhanced performance/productivity
  • The value and efficiencies achieved
  • The impact the innovation has had on the organisation, its people, customers and/or the overall global workforce management industry.

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on:

  • The business impact the innovation has had on the organisation and/or the industry
  • How the innovation achieved operational excellence
  • The value and efficiencies delivered by the innovation
  • How the innovation has improved the people experience