Best Corporate & Service Provider Partnership

Leadership Excellence

Best Corporate & Service Provider Partnership

This award recognises those organisations (min. of 2 and a max. of 4) who have effectively collaborated to deliver an exceptional employee mobility experience whilst implementing the organisations talent mobility program and business, people and talent strategies.  This award has been designed for the corporate entity with a mobile workforce to formally recognise the efforts of their chosen service provider/s. 

+ What judges will consider 

  • The relationship between the Corporate Organisation and their appointed Service Provider/s, including the nature of services provided and how the relationship was established and fostered
  • How the Service Provider/s and Organisation partnered together to deliver services with maximum impact
  • The impact the partnership has had on the organisation’s key employee mobility stakeholders
  • The ongoing relationship strategy between the Service Provider/s and the engaging Organisation, including governance structure for ongoing quality of service delivery.

+ Selection criteria to address

In your submission, make sure you touch on:

  • The approach taken to develop a collaborative partnership
  • How the partnership enhanced the stakeholder experience
  • How the collaboration has optimised and added value to the talent mobility program /organisation
  • How operational excellence has been achieved because of the partnership