Best Corporate & Service Provider Partnership
Talent Beyond Boundaries in partnership with Fragomen

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is a non-profit dedicated to opening labour mobility pathways for refugees and displaced people. Fragomen is a global immigration firm that collaborates with TBB to advocate for more accessible Australian migration systems for refugees.

The Corporate and Service Provider Partnership developed between the two organisations addressed the unique needs of the skilled refugee workforce.

Highlights include:

  • A Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement: A pilot program launched in July 2021, and extended to 2025, which has enabled 500 displaced people to move to Australia for work. The Agreement has addressed labour shortages in Australia by tapping into the often-overlooked skilled refugee workforce to fill critical skill gaps and continues to scale to meet the growing demand for skilled refugee labour.
  • Policy and legal reform: The Agreement has led to significant policy and legal reforms, streamlining immigration processes for refugees, making the Australian migration system more inclusive for refugees, and connecting refugees with employment opportunities, setting a standard for operational excellence in this area. It also led to TBB and Fragomen co-hosting the world’s first Refugee Labour Mobility Summit, further impacting policy and shifting perceptions about the potential of refugees as skilled contributors to the economy.
  • Diversity and inclusion: The partnership contributes towards diversifying businesses’ employee bases and promoting a culture of inclusivity in the workforce, aligning with broader social values and enhancing corporate culture. A more diverse workforce can also lead to increased creativity and innovation.
  • Social impact: The partnership has a transformative impact on the personal lives of the refugees involved, not only offering them safety, security and the dignity of work, but also empowering them personally to rebuild their professional lives and contribute to their new communities. Enabling families to reunite and build new lives together has a positive ripple effect on their significant others. Organisations involved in the program are also able to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and promote an inclusive company culture, which serves to improve employee experience for all employees, with the added benefits of improved retention and enhanced reputation.
  • Global impact: Employing skilled refugees contributes to the global economy by adding productive workers and reducing the economic costs associated with talent shortages. The partnership is also involved in the Global Taskforce on Refugee Labour Mobility and is advocating for changes to global migration policies. The Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement shows potential for replication in other countries as well, showcasing how skilled refugees can be effectively integrated into national labour markets, benefiting both the individuals and the host countries.

In summary, the partnership between TBB and Fragomen has created significant impacts across various domains, from individual lives to corporate culture and global policy, setting a precedent for how collaborative efforts can lead to substantial social change.