Best Mobile Workforce Transformation
Nicola Piteo, Bupa

Bupa Aged Care is one of Australia’s largest residential aged care providers, offering services to over 5,000 residents, including in areas such as dementia care, palliative care, and respite short-stay care.

In 2023, the team developed a transformative and innovative, multi-faceted approach to workforce management; focusing on incentives, professional development, diversity, social impact, and operational excellence.

Highlights included:

  • An Employee Wellbeing Program to improve the financial and mental well-being of employees and promote a holistic approach to employee care.
  • An Enhanced Employee Value Proposition (EVP), including relocation and retention financial incentives, accommodation provisions, transport assistance, community engagement, and support to settle children at local schools.
  • A Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme to engage student carers from abroad.
  • A Career Traineeship Program developing multi-skilled roles, focusing on personal care workers’ needs and involving unskilled workers, students, individuals returning to work, and volunteers.
  • A Registered Nurse Graduate Program for early career nurses to develop clinical and leadership capabilities.
  • A Refugee Scheme to sponsor refugees as carers, aiming to further develop their skills and help them obtain registration.

These programs collectively reduced vacancies and included the conversion of multiple workers into a more permanent and skilled workforce, increasing average hours worked to an unprecedented high, delivering operational improvements and increased productivity. Alongside enhanced EVP, clear pathways for professional growth helped to attract and retain staff and improve employee experience. Additionally, by partnering with WomenCan and First Nations engagement specialists, Bupa further diversified and enhanced its workforce, introducing a wider range of skills and perspectives, fostering inclusivity and creating social impact beyond the immediate benefits to the organisation. The collective impact of these innovations was a transformative shift in how the organisation approached the challenges of workforce management in the aged care sector, leading to sustainable workforce solutions that also have a positive effect on the broader community and industry.