Global Mobility Team of the Year
Canva GloMo Team

Canva’s ‘GloMo’ (Global Mobility) team started as a single person and has rapidly expanded to a team of 11. GloMo’s ability to set ambitious goals and work towards making them a reality has contributed to Canva’s ‘hyper-growth’. Highlights from their journey and major achievements are summarised below:

  • Global vision, strategy and social contract: GloMo organised a global strategy week in Sydney in 2023, to solidify vision and values, set goals and build a social contract, to aid in nurturing cross-continental collaboration. This helped integrate values and dynamics across the organisation, despite geographical distances, fostering a strong, unified culture, based on trust, respect, and inclusivity, which is essential for their cross-continental collaboration.
  • Flexibility and authenticity: GloMo supports flexible working hours, recognising the importance of balancing work with personal life, and encourages authenticity, creating a supportive environment where team members can be their true selves. Using tools like ‘Fingerprint for Success’, in 2023 GloMo focused on aligning team members with tasks that match their strengths and motivations, leading to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Policy innovation: GloMo restructured Canva’s relocation policy to a core-flex model to be more responsive to individual needs, making it a strategic tool for talent attraction and retention.
  • Process innovation: Automating processes, for example, travel letters, has significantly reduced manual workload and improved response times for common requests. GloMo supports Canva’s rapid growth, especially in AI hiring, by innovating training and resources to ensure the mobility program supports business goals.
  • Product innovation: The development of a new People Portal featuring various self-help tools, has empowered employees to find information and resolve issues independently, reducing the volume of simple queries to the GloMo team. New training programs, including ‘GloMo University’, have also empowered employees and stakeholders with shared resources and new skills, improving knowledge, as well as driving productivity and engagement.
  • Enhanced employee experience: By creating a supportive and flexible work environment which encourages knowledge sharing and professional growth, GloMo has positively impacted the overall experience of Canva employees, especially those relocating or working across different time zones. Testimonials from employees who have utilised GloMo’s services reflect a high level of satisfaction with the support provided during their relocation and immigration processes, indicating a direct positive impact on their transition and integration into new roles.
  • Proactive stakeholder engagement: Proactive communication with global stakeholders to share timely insights, business-minded advice and updates on mobility programs, has established trust and ensured that the GloMo team’s efforts are closely aligned with Canva’s business needs and growth strategies, particularly in areas like AI talent acquisition. This has solidified GloMo’s reputation as a trusted hub of expertise, integral to Canva’s success and the wellbeing of its employees.

Overall, the GloMo team’s impact is seen in streamlined operations, improved employee experiences, and the alignment of their mobility strategies with the broader goals of Canva, contributing to the company’s reputation as an employer of choice and its ability to attract and retain global talent.