Global Mobility Champion of the Year
Bridget Romanes, Mobile Relocation Ltd

Bridget Romanes was the winner of TEMi’s 2023 Global Mobility Champion of the Year Award.

Bridget’s exceptional performance as a global mobility practitioner was highlighted by the following factors:

  • Relationship building: Bridget places a strong emphasis on creating sustainable and collaborative relationships with her team, clients, and external stakeholders. This was evident in her approach to team management, transparent payment practices, and client engagement strategies.
  • Communication: Bridget identifies communication as one of her ‘superpowers’, which is crucial in the global mobility industry where clear and effective interaction is key to success.
  • Personalised client service: Bridget’s business is based on the values of people, problem-solving, and partnership, with a model focused on providing tailored services to clients, which stands out in contrast to the one-size-fits-all approach that may be common in larger organisations.
  • Problem solving: Bridget showcased her ability to address complex challenges through case studies, such as upskilling seafood processor TES’s team and designing a pastoral care program for their Filipino workers, to ensure they felt welcomed and cared for.
  • Non-financial collaboration: Bridget emphasised the importance of collaboration without financial incentives, using referrals and partnerships based on quality of work rather than commissions as examples.
  • Innovation in services: Bridget demonstrated innovation in services through use of new technologies, as well as case studies, such as the development of the ‘Kiwi Launchpad’, a digital product that provides comprehensive information for people relocating to New Zealand.
  • Mental health advocacy: Bridget places a strong focus on the mental health and wellbeing of expatriates, offering workshops and webinars to support them, a unique niche in the global mobility industry.
  • Diverse professional experience: Bridget’s background as a diplomat has provided her with a broad range of experiences that are directly applicable to global mobility, from understanding cultural nuances to managing international relations. She applies this to her business practice in servicing clients from a broad range of industries, to provide impactful solutions that meet business objectives while also comprehensively supporting employees’ needs.
  • Continuous learning and development: Bridget is committed to lifelong learning, participating in various professional development activities to enhance her business and technology skills.
  • Industry contribution and leadership: Bridget is proactive in raising the profile of global mobility in New Zealand, organising forums, networks, and speaking at conferences to share knowledge and best practices. Bridget also supports the TEMi Taskforce and contributes to industry publications.

These skills, points of difference and examples of successfully delivered projects highlighted Bridget’s comprehensive expertise and dedication to advancing the global mobility industry, through thought leadership, innovation and a strong commitment to the wellbeing of the people she serves.